Shri Vinayak College, Delhi is an organisation committed to the success of those who have failed to qualify for the next class. Basically, we are the new lease of life for the students who have lost hope to be promoted.
Established in 2001, we are evolving every year into a better version of ourselves in pursuit of excellence. We guarantee success and this is the reason why we are a leading provider of open school education. Each year we bring happiness to the students and give them a new ray of sunshine. Our students are already studying in leading schools and colleges of the nation. The leading reason for this success is that we do not merely help students qualify for the examination but help them find excellence through alignment of their interests with the best teaching methodologies.

Redefining failure
Each year dejected students and their families reach out to us at Shri Vinayak College, Delhi and leave us as the best versions of themselves. All this is achieved by the teachers of our organisation who leave no stone unturned to help students transform their present state. This is another important factor due to which we guarantee full success in the upcoming examination session.

With this core idea, we are dedicated to serving the society and helping students overcome failure. Likewise, the school helps to bring students select the subjects and combination of their respective choice. In form of a university based tailored approach, Shri Vinayak College aims to reduce the number of dropouts in the region. To connect with this large base of interested students who wish to overcome failure, this special open school identifying the needs of such learner is designed.

We believe that education is a lifetime experience and learning endeavour. This is why we provide education program to shape the young and impressionable minds to explore the possibilities beyond their failure. We understand that failures are inevitable part of learning and use it for your learning. When we fail, it is improvement that counts more than the number of times we failed. Together we try to assess the the fundamental issues that hampered your success story. Remember we are going to be your mentor and friend in coming to the success path. Further, if your subjects were too tough then we can help you major in the subjects that interest you fully.

Key to settlement and success

We are dedicated to help the young people make secure start and show a wide scope of scholastic and social capacities and necessities. What’s more, accordingly, instructors will utilize a wide assortment of educating and assessment methodologies in our study halls to suit and address those issues.

We are out there to help you make a difference to the society through varied school program. At Vinayak College we wish to pass on to our students in a way that acknowledges and comprehends their value as people, that regards and redesigns their nobility and status, and that reflects to society and other qualified experts their constructive traits, learning potential, and uniqueness.

We empower students to grow and attain successful strides with a global ideology. This is the reason why you will find our environment as nurturing yet challenging. We attempt to create positive relationships that focus on providing emotional, social as well as academic growth. Our teaching methodologies are appealing as well as stimulating vis flexible. Our faculty will help you explore your options and then strive for making best outcomes in the area.
Along with the above, you will be exposed to innovation, technology resources and instruction based approach to augment your understanding of the subject. The students are hence curious yet critical individuals who have command over multiple subjects through the contact classes. This is the reason they are able to exceed the personal and social expectations, redevelop their self esteem and confidence to understand the best that the society can offer.

Curriculum and vibrancy blend together beautifully at Shri Vinayak

All the constant contact classes and endeavours to excellence make us a friendly, vibrant, happy as well as socially forward, community oriented school that puts its young citizens first. We involve then in fresh endeavour to respond to learning, partnership, team orientation and leadership opportunities. We ensure that the school is far beyond the definition of the regular school schedule and definitely warm and generous.

On behalf of the Shri Vinayak College and its family, we proudly welcome you to join us and redefine the success story of your life. It is a privilege to help you in the transition process. Let us all come together as a family and make this small failure a stepping stone to explore new opportunities and arenas.