Shri Vinayak College – A school of open education Lets face it. No one likes to take tests and let alone get poor scores. Yet a variety of issues may complicate things and result in bad performance. If you think that it is the end of the world then you are wrong. To overcome failure and to get a new lease of life, we bring Shri Vinayak College – school of open education to your help.

Failing is tough but surviving it is the worst Each year we are bombarded with rising cases of failures and their aftermath. To overcome all these issues and make the brunt of failure, an attempt by the educators in Shri Vinayak College is proving successful in saving the precious futures of many. To give a new lease of hope to those who are facing the problem is our prime motive.We understand that failures are inevitable part of learning and use it for your learning. When we fail, it is improvement that counts more than the number of times we failed. Together we try to assess the the fundamental issues that hampered your success story. Was it a writing or reading issue or problem was with scheduling? Remember we are going to be your mentor and friend in coming to the success path. Further, if your subjects were too tough then we can help you major in the subjects that interest you fully.But before taking this big step, we overcome failure together, you need to enrol in our prestigious school of open education to ensure new definition of success. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and similarly one failure cannot define your identity.

Vinayak – Where we give new lease of hope to repeat Professing is easy yet attempt is difficult. Realising this, we organise special classes for all such students who want to redefine their success. We provide following classes-

● 8th
● 9th
● 10th
● 11th
● 12th

The curriculum is available through following universities/ school boards-

● Open
● Private

A single trial will be all it takes to change your mindset about studies and us. We will redefine the failure stories by our success parameters. We ensure 100 percent success to all our students as we provide regular classes and learning skills to improve your weak areas.

Fall back seven times and stand up for eighth time It is true that great people fail yet only the greatest learn from their failures and try to overcome them. Success and failure are two sides to same coin and are part of life.True learning comes from understanding the issues and then overcoming them.This multiple choice of the best boards helps to gain you confidence and trust in yourself.We help you suit your needs with recognised board Examination sessions to clear your tenth standard and twelfth standard.

On the off chance that you have not been able to write your examination session in the last class, you are qualified to given tests for the next tests and in the event that you have essential learning to overcome failure. With our expert help, you can give test for class of your choice.

Shri Vinayak College NIOS advantage

The NIOS tests can be attempted for On Demand and you can apply for April – 2020 session.

● The tests are directed multiple times amid the year first in April – May
● The second amid October – November. young students have opportunity to pick the test session whether in April – May or in October – November.
● Regular Contact Classes.
● Opportunity and choice to pick subjects
● You can also Clear subjects one by one.
● Just mere Five Subjects are to be cleared.
● Enrollment is Valid for 5 Years.
● Total 9 Chances of clearing Public Examinations.
● NIOS conducts open tests twice consistently for young students
● Credit Accumulation scores and Consolidated Mark Statement issued by recognised board of India.
● Allowed to Write the Examination in any Indian languages.

Our vision to recognize that advanced education has more noteworthy duties to address the issues of society both in India and abroad. The Academy has taken a time of helping weak

students on securing bright and early settlement through the scholarly network to bring NIOS instruction under one rooftop. The college has build up an arrangement of training which lays more focus on learning than on mere classroom guidance. The move to enlist and teach young people with National Institute of Open Schooling is an augmentation of our future instruction program. Those kids who are not ready to adapt to the heap of the normal educational programs regardless of the concessions given by the board to hopefuls with uncommon necessities, are offered the choice of finishing their school instruction through the NIOS stream.

Dynamic needs of dynamic students We are dedicated to help the young people make secure start and show a wide scope of scholastic and social capacities and necessities. What’s more, accordingly, instructors will utilize a wide assortment of educating and assessment methodologies in our study halls to suit and address those issues.

We are out there to help you make a difference to the society through varied school program. At Vinayak College we wish to pass on to our students in a way that acknowledges and comprehends their value as people, that regards and redesigns their nobility and status, and that reflects to society and other qualified experts their constructive traits, learning potential, and uniqueness.

Redefine your future at Shri Vinayak College – A school of open education where dreams of future are realised, every day and every year. For those who have lost hope in education systems or have failed to secure good grades, our teachers will help you redefine your vision of education. Education management at your convenience, Shri Vinayak College of brave students who have seen failure from close quarters and wish to overcome it.

For National Open school Exams in March April 2020

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For National Open School Exams September October 2020

16 September, 201931 January, 2020
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